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Communication between your organization and the public, begins with branding and all other aspects of marketing revolve around this component. As the representation of your organization, branding must be memorable, convey your principals and appeal to your target audience. To effectively achive these goals, we take the time to research your business, your audience and your competitors. We tailor our branding projects and provide mulitple options.

Do I Need More Than Just A 'Logo"?
A traditional logo the largest part of a branding presence. However, a complete branding solution encompasses a range of applications that require representation of your company, such as corporate stationary, business cards, product packaging, etc. While developing traditional logos, we take all of these applications into consideration, for you to receive the full benefit of a branding solution when 'logo's aren't enough.

Capabilities At-a-glance
• Logo Design
• Naming + Tagline Development
• Trademark Research
• Color Pallate + Font Guide
• Corporate Stationary
• Corporate Signage
• Promotional Items/Merchandise

Web Design

Having a custom dynamically designed website is the primary step in connecting your business or cause with the world. Your Website is the online identity of your brand, with a 24-hour audience. Attract more customers and gain more leads, by taking advantage of a well-designed site that provides a great user experience on all platfrms from desktops to mobile touch devices.

Responsive Web Design
With the advent of mobile phones, tablets and netbooks, your website has to look good on a wide variety of screen sizes. A responsive design will conform to each of these different sizes without the need for a separate mobile site. Responsive design is a technique that will allow a website to automatically adapt to different screen sizes. This means that if you are looking at the page on a desktop browser at a typical width, you will see a slightly different layout then if you were looking at the same page on a tablet or a smaller mobile device.

Tablet and mobile users are less likely to broswe a site that is touch-friendly and requires a lot of re-sizing. Therefore, in addition to providing a great user experience across all devices and viewing sizes, another benefit to having a website with a responsive layout is that you only need to maintain one site. With a separate mobile site you have the added responsibility of maintaining two different code bases. Responsive sites are easier, quicker, and less expensive to keep up-to-date.

Graphic Design

Design plays an essential role in creating brands. Your brand must have an image that will visually communicate to your target audience. The identity you create for your business must be strong and all of your marketing material must be consistent. Your designs should make your brand stand out from the competition. You must establish a brand manual which includes: identity, proper use, misuse, colors, imagery, fonts, stationery, and promotion. Once you have created your identity, you will need printed marketing materials to promote your business.

Capabilities At-a-glance
• Restaurant Menus
• Business Cards
• T-Shirt Design
• Flyers + Posters
• Print Advertising
• Signage
• Product Packaging
• Editorial
• Brochures
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